We’re proud to announce a brand new localization by the artist Ennorei! 

When Fumino saw the Oni girl, Mao-senpai, on the train that day, it was love at first sight for him. But groping her breasts may not have been the best first impression a guy could give. A year later, he enters Mao-senpai’s high school in the hopes to find her, but she doesn’t remember him?

This is an original work by Ennorei of the circle Masochist High. If you enjoyed this work, do support the artist by checking out their other works as well!

Comic Market 95
29 Pages

※ Sample images shown are compressed and do not reflect the image quality of the actual product. Estimated size of a single page in high-resolution digital format (PNG) is 3,200 pixels height at 72dpi.