Having lots of things that I like stuffed into it, this work is one that I am personally interested in. Although I'm somewhat anxious with regard to how it will be received in the West, I hope you all find it interesting (and useful).

Abe InoriHimeya

We’re proud to announce the first official English localization of the artist Abe Inori! 

After cutting ties with her Mother Rika didn’t know how she would be able to find a place to stay on her own. She never dreamed of finding anything like the new studio apartment she has, close to the train station; even better it costs her nothing in rent. For a young woman on her own, such an arrangement could only mean one thing, though, and she keeps her rent-free life through making her place into a sex den with the help of her older landlord. Sometimes the other tenants even come calling. Tonight, a few decide to visit all at once. Just another day for Rika and her new life.

This is an original work by Abe Inori of the circle Himeya. If you enjoyed this work, do support the artist by checking out their other works as well!

27 Pages

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