Original Works & Series

Doujinshi is more than just parody works of your favorite anime/video game franchise. Here is a collection of original works from some of your favorite artists!

Tales of a Harem in Another World

Tachibana Omina (SHIMA-PAN)

Naoki Oikawa was busily fapping away to his naughty porn mags when he was suddenly transported to a fantasy world filled with demon lords, monsters, and... sexy babes? Join the ostensible MC-turned-hero as he helps his comrades -- a sexy knight, a sassy elf, and a soft-spoken cleric -- by using the power of his own semen!

Mating with Oni

Shindou (Dodo Fuguri)

In a world where humans and oni live in harmony, the oni Kaede and Momiji -- mother and daughter -- find themselves competing over a certain Soichiro for affection. Although Momiji claims him to be her husband, that doesn't stop any and all oni from falling for him.


Saikawa Yusa (abgrund)

Setsu Ayase was taken in to the Asano household after she was orphaned, where she became the reluctant mistress of Keiji Asano's father. When his father died, Keiji forcibly extracted Ayase from his parent's household after a period of domestic violence perpetrated by Keiji's own mother. Living alone together for the first time stirs feelings of nostalgia, affection, pain, and deep regret in both Keiji and Ayase. Coming from a history of such abuse, can either of them ever live a normal life together?

Living with Succubus

Sasamori Tomoe (NANIMOSHINAI)

Matsukawa lived the life of a typical high schooler until a certain Touko Sakuramachi forcibly cohabited with him out of the blue. As it turns out, she was a succubus, and as all relationships with these creatures go, it's semen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But as a result of this strange pairing, Matsukawa begins to experience more than just gratuitous sex...

Hypnotic Sexual Counseling

Aiue Oka (50on!)

Hajime Tanaka is the official Sex Counselor. All couples are to receive sexual counseling before engaging in sexual acts. The words of the Sex Counselor are absolute. Any and all transgressions will be dealt with severely. These are the rules of Sex Counselor Hajime Tanaka, as he brainwashes, mind controls, and mind breaks his way into the pussies of each and every girl in his school.

TSF Story Append

ShindoL feat. various

Based on the popular hentai series ``TSF Story``, the Append series features additional side stories and continuation arcs focusing on the life of a boy named Takumi, who after a freak accident transformed into a woman.

The Two Sides of the Honors Student Ayaka

Hisama Kumako (Moco Chouchou)

Ayaka was your typical honor student -- diligent and well-mannered -- who recently discovered the pleasure of masturbating after accidentally bumping into her drawing desk to pick up an eraser. After realizing the limits of simply pleasuring herself, Ayaka takes things a step further by prowling the night in search for sexual mates under the pseudonym ``Aya``. Thus begins the story of a girl who lives two lives: Ayaka the bespectacled academic, and Aya the unrestrained nymphomaniac.

More Original Works

Need a quick fix? Our artists also create original one-shot works that may be just the thing to treat that itch. Check out more original works here!