I would've never imagined this work would be localized to English when I was drawing it. I'm genuinely surprised!

I've been working on several titles other than this, but if many people like and purchase it, I'll consider turning it into a running series of its own. I hope you like what you see, and that you'll decide to support me through my future works as well!


We’re proud to announce the first official English localization of a work by sorono of the artist circle Soronosanchi!

Who doesn’t love maids? Or elves? And when you combine them, things get even more wonderful in this lovey-dovey vanilla romp. A young elven girl ends up being sheltered by a wealthy family when war breaks out, and in honest gratitude, she decides to become their maid! She quickly falls in love with her master, but opportunities to have sex are far and few between, so when she ends up alone with him and finds him with morning wood, she makes the most of her opportunity!

This is an original series by sorono. If you liked this, do support the artist and check out their other works as well!

Comic Market 91
26 Pages

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