We strive to give you the best doujinshi experience that goes beyond simply localizing comics. In doing so, we hope that both readers and artists alike will agree that this is the way Doujinshi are meant to be enjoyed.

Powered by EXPERIENCE.

Our group was founded by members who have had over ten years of experience in freelance and professional Japanese erotic comic localization. That said, we’re pretty darn good at what we do.


We don’t decensor — we UNCENSOR. That means working with the original files in order to produce localizations that are true to the artist’s original vision. And that’s a non-negotiable for us.

SUPPORTING Artists with confidence.

Artists usually shell out money to produce doujinshi, so we don’t ask them to do the same when localizing. Our production costs are shouldered by the sales of the localization itself, so you can rest assured that your purchases go a long way in supporting artists directly.

HELLO from Japan.

Nothing beats reading your favorite artist’s work in English — except perhaps reading a personalized dedication directed to YOU, the Western reader. Translating the afterword is cute; giving artists a voice by allowing them to interact directly with fans is cool.

HELLO to Japan.

Wish that series could continue forever? Let your voice be heard and something might just happen (and has happened). We let artists know what their fans think and it always makes their day. Never underestimate what a little “thank you!” can do for an artist.

For the LOVE of Doujinshi.

But it doesn’t stop there. We strive to do more to elevate your experience of reading Doujinshi. Whether it be printing physical copies or simulpublications, we’re always thinking of new ways for you to love Doujinshi. And that’s why we’re called ENSHODO (lit. “love-letter”). Our work is our love letter to the artists and fans who all love doujinshi. And it is with this passion that we believe that this is the way Doujinshi are meant to be enjoyed.